October 26, 2017

Sasse On Alabama Senate Race:
'Feels Like this Party -That I’m a Part of-
has Gone Post-Constitutional'

Allahpundit RedState:
An interesting bit from Jonah Goldberg’s podcast, The Remnant. Goldberg puts Sasse on the spot by asking whether he’ll be following the lead of his libertarian-ish colleagues in the Senate -Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and most recently Ted Cruz- by endorsing Roy Moore, who’s as far from libertarian as a Republican can get. 

Sasse won’t give him a straight answer, pleading that he hasn’t followed the race closely, but he’s followed it closely enough to know that Moore thinks Muslims should be barred from holding seats in Congress. That’s a religious test, he notes, which is barred by the Constitution, and he’s not ready for a 'post-constitutional' party. Moore, he goes on to say, seems to have little interest in conservatism but instead appeals to a politics of 'white-backlash grievance.' ....

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